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Orthopedic Surgery Center Bryn Mawr Hospital

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Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania
27,648 sqft.
completed: 2017

The new Orthopedic surgery center would become the largest specialty outpatient surgery center in the Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania area and occupies an existing MOB on the hospital campus. The new facility required four operating rooms, each greater than 600 sf, as well as three 250-sf procedure rooms, preoperative bays, post-anesthesia care bays, and recovery bays. The building space had an exceptionally long footprint, which is uncommon for surgical facilities, and presented a unique set of design and construction obstacles. Astoria assisted in designing the final build-out to better accommodate standard ASC operations and optimize patient flow. With the desire to eventually expand the new center’s capabilities and recognizing how the building’s shape would impact facility design and functionality, Astoria included two shelled operating rooms to maximize the center’s square footage for current needs and future expansion. 

In addition to basic facility layout and construction design, Astoria considered the special requirements of a surgical environment. As a result, a supplemental air conditioningHVAC system was added to maintain proper temperatures in each of the enclosed operating rooms, and an emergency generator was installed to ensure the ASC would retain critical function in the event of a power outage. Throughout the design and renovation processes, Astoria worked closely with the operators of the facility—including NueHealth, Main Line Health, and the Rothman Institute—to ensure the design exceeded their expectations and would provide for optimal patient and provider experiences.